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Steve is recognized in the IBM i industry as the CTO of IBM i -- the integrated operating system which runs on IBM Power. Steve is a leading trusted advisor who gives a clear view of the value of IBM i, Power & the future, which consistently encourages business leaders and technologists to re- invest in IBM i, adopting modern IBM technology, marrying the interests of clients, partners, ISVs and IBM. His extensive work with clients, ISVs & BPs, crucial to success in the unique IBM i market, is reflected in his references & attachments. As IBM i CTO, Steve is responsible for the system level architecture and design of IBM i, which has grown from a higly proprietary platform in 2007, to today's position as a highly profitable foundational element of the IBM Systems portfolio. Steve focuses a large part of his time interacting with clients and partners, listening to their needs for the future and communicating the strategy and capabilities of IBM i.

IBM i CTO & Chief Architect

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